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  • Suzan Taylor

Jury is in! My Guests ARE SUPERHEROES!

I just can't thank you enough for all your hard work people! That was amazing! I never even rented a roto-tiller! With shovels and rakes they emptied the grass from the yard.

We went with a truck and trailer to Menifee, 2 times and loaded all the rock, out of someone else yard. It was an older couple that said it was a blessing for us to come and get it FREE so they wouldn't have to move it.

The second trip a cop appeared when we were almost done. The truck was sticking out onto the street a little ways and the cop parked across fro it and was there for a few minutes. I walked over and told him I would have the truck out of there in about 5 minutes. He looked at me and smiles and said, "That is ok...I am just investigating into suspicious people stealing rock out of someones yard". (SMILE). You never have to worry if you never do anything wrong. We all laughed...

My original plan was to put lots of flowers in both yards, that were water efficient. Once I saw all the simple yards in Menifee that looked so good simple and not too busy with foliage, I changed my mind.

So we already had a patio with flowers on one side of the front yard and I just spruced it up with some colorful flowers and a mandarin orange tree. Then in the back, we have a meeting of CA every Tuesday night and had a portable fire pit. That meeting started as the Smores and More meeting and the idea was to roast marshmallows and make scores at the meeting. Well, that lasted about 2 weeks and when it was a sticky distraction, we decided to do away with the food. But we never gave up the fire...see the black pit in the yard?

So, I decided to make a permanent one in the yard. We had the biggest meeting , EVERm, last week and actually need more chairs...but the people sit in a circle back there and it just made sense to make it a flat surface that a lot of walking traffic would not hurt we did this...

It is almost done. Another layer of pavers, the trim and rock around the outside edge. If anyone knows where I can get some free rock please let me know. I am trying to not spend the cities money so I can use it to pay my workers!

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