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Moving on a car!

Every sober living wants to see success and every person has different experiences that determine that success. These past several months, I have had six of my guests sharing the same story of success. Purchasing cars! It has been a whirlwind and a parking shortage! Started off with Telvis going to the auction and getting a great deal on a SUV. When Tami and Kimberly saw it they both decided to go and check the auction out. Tami then returned to the next auction and found a beautiful car for a great price. Both Telvis and Tammi paid around $2000. Then John needed a truck and went there too. Also found his truck for about the same price as the others. Kimberly decided she would make payments since she scored a great job with Walmart and was working. She went to a dealer. Then Celest who has already moved and is in my first success story, got a vehicle before she left here, as well. That makes 7 and actually, Melissa who was my second success story bought one before she left as well. So, actually 8 people in the past 6 months ! Johnathan got a car from his parents but decided that since he has been working full time with John doing construction, that he needed a truck too. His search is on going right now.

Getting your own place is the common success story and usually the next step from here. I think it is important to get things ready before that step and moving should be the last step. Proud of my people getting their lives in order and doing it the smart way. Getting their driving tickets, or licenses straightened out, getting insurance and registering the cars, getting old debts taken care of, etc...

Keep up the great work my friends! Sobriety is full of small miracles and rewards!

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