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More success stories in multiples!

There is a meeting here at the house every Monday night called S'mores and More. It has been going on for about 10 years. Maybe 15...a long time! Every week I see new faces and periodically I see previous guests who come back to visit. I am beaming right now because tonight we had 9 people who have lived here in the past , come to the meeting! 2 of them work at a rehabilitation center as counselors, one of them is in my pictures on this sight as a "promotional model", (thats what I jokingly tell him) and he has 5 years clean now! He hugged me and told me he loves me before he left. I love him too. Then there is a 28 year old that brings me Starbucks every morning and leaves it at my door to the house. Never says anything, just leaves it with my name on it. Another fellow who helped install the patio doors on my back house got loaded before he left (I had to ask him to leave) and stole my iPod out of my car. It was a couple of years before he came to the meeting but when he showed up he did a proper 9th step and told me he took the iPod and tried to pay me for it. I didn't take the money and told him I was glad he came to the meeting. He has been coming every week since and we always make jokes about whether my car doors are locked or Then there was a couple who just moved out 3 days ago into their own place that came tonight, on their own. They are outside now training the new guys in the house what used to be their old chores! (Smile). The 9th guest came in with a group of guys that come weekly from a rehab and I was glad to see that he was giving it another go around. He asked if I still had a box of clothes he left 9 months ago. Funny thing is, I usually would still have them because I have been known to keep peoples things for a very long time if I think I might see them again. In this situation, they were no longer here, but he was and thats what counts! I am branding all 9 of these guests success stories because in different ways they all are successful! From the guy back in rehab to the counselors that brought over the guys from the rehab, they are all my famous stars! I love all of you!

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