Swimming Pool


Exercise equipment

Washing machine and dryer

High Speed Internet /Wi/Fi

Computer station provided

Large screen TV

Free phone services (long distance/International).

Cable TV with the movie channels

All furnished rooms have:

    Air Conditioners


    Televisions with Cable

Free utilities/no deposit.

Only 2 per room

Couples rooms

Fully furnished, including linens and cookware

Located one block from:

The main bus terminal

The Grocery Store

Walking distance to:

shopping, restaurants,

churches, hospital,

pharmacy, theater,

Rubidoux Mountain,

Fairmont Park, RCC, library,

courthouse, police department,

jail, parole, convention center 

Riverside Manor is a safe and affordable, clean and sober living environment for addicts and alcoholics in recovery. We are not a treatment facility nor do we provide counseling or therapy. The Manor is a place for those who celebrate recovery and want to better their lives. We are 12 step based and require attendance to NA and AA meetings. Everyone is welcome if they have an addiction and are in recovery, willing to stay clean and sober, attend 3 meetings a week, be respectful and do their chore. We can assist you if you need employment, out patient services, in patient services, or school. We are approved by the drug courts, law enforcement, parole and probation, CPS, fire department, code enforcement, CAARR, and  Sober Housing. 

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