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All the comforts of home only better! My house never had a pool! Love the people and the atmosphere! Recovery at it's best!

Mark A.


As Riversiide Manor's oldest resident (over 10 years, now) I can speak to the many comforts and the accommodating atmosphere. Riverside Manor is a place of peace and progress. There is nothing more exciting than watching individuals that are intent on sobriety, laying a foundation for long term success and independence. 

Patrick A.


written letter from client

I recommend anyone that is seeking a sober living to live here! It's a loving, caring and a great environment. Everyone is sober here and everyone is a big family that is here for each other! It's Co-ed and they were willing to work with my fiancé and myself. it's also convenient for those that take the bus because the bus terminal is 7 minutes walking distance from the house. The house is very close to downtown and close to N.A. meetings. I absolutely love it here!

Elana V



Chris Haddix — 5 starTo any one that wants a chance at a new and change of way in life sober as a commitment for life give them a call and look into it at the Riverside Manor.


Kelli DeGoede — 5 starThis is the best sober living i have ever been in. I have had the pleasure of managing this house for 10 months and myself and my fiancee have loved being involved with the wonderful recovery that's taken place here

This is where i feel the safest to have my friend live.She recently lost her husband and i feel secure in knowing that she will be living in a positive atmosphere...with meetings to attend to feel supported...and the structure she will need to help her adjust to her loss and build a better life for her self and not have to worry about her using because of the influences around her.Everyone is very supportive and encouraging towards bettering them selves....You can feel the positive vibes when you are there and Suzan the proprietor of Riverside Manor is always upbeat with a positive personality.

Merilee Cryster


This was by far the best sober living I have ever been in. Thank you for the chance you have given me to grow. To be able to find rest and change here. I am now ready for this next step on my journey. I don't want to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. So like we say in my family I will see you later Suzan. Thank you. Love, Celeste

It is my third time here! Each time I return it is like going home! I just can't seem to stay away! Love this home, the people here and the owner! Suzan has been a catalyst in my recovery and I am eternally grateful. I can't say enough good things about Riverside Manor! 

Sandy M

Had a great time while living there! I met new friends and got to go lots of places for fun in recovery! I love the fellowship and would not have done all this if it wasn't for Riverside Manor

Robert B.

Riverside manor is a great place for recovery. its a clean place with awesome people that are willing to participate in positive change for a better way of living. our fellowship plays a vital role in our recovery. Very rewarding, and empowering being a part of an awesome support group. there really is HOPE. Everyone welcome.

Charles Moreno


Suzan, I am rich in love, light and purpose today. All because you have participated and placed an incredibly honorable effort into my wealth of life. Thank you!


Riverside Manor is the best place that someone can find to overcome addiction. The owner (Suzan) is the most understanding woman and she will do everything in her power to help someone, as long as they are willing to help themselves. I would recommend her house to anyone that needs a safe, drug free, cozy place to recover from their addictions. I love Suzan like a sister and you will see what I mean about her.

Sandra Wyatt

It is the most awesome sober living home the recovery is amazing the owner Suzan Taylor what can I say the best ever always willing to go the extra mile to help us all very clean home beautifully decorated .rent is very fair . bus stop right on the corner close to the stores . I am very grateful to have a bed at this amazing home. Healthy lifestyle for all addicts in the recovery stage of life. I recommend everyone to check this home out if you want 100% recovery atmosphere. Thank you so much Susan Taylor. I'm truly grateful for your home... Sincerely. Kurt Alan Gardiner...

IIt is not what I think ,it's what I do know about riverside manor sober living. It's a very good sober living to be placed in !..etc. for one , they let you be your natural self and they give you freedom as much as aloud to not hurt yourself ! They help you get back on your feet and in society !..... They talk to you about problems and try to help the best way they know how and can! It is in a nice cool area .over night visit or what ever the case may be, but only if it's to help your situation better you !.. My name is TONY L. MAYS

Jeanie Tressler Copeland — 5 starthis was also the only place where i was finally successfully able to get of probation after being on it for most of my adult life and discharged parole and havent ben in trouble since and this was since 2005. thank you suzan luv ya girl. for anyone that doesnt know this sober living is one of vthe highest rated in inland empire and that includes with probation offices,parole etc, this sober living gets recommended before any others......THIS IS A FACT



Michelle Smith — 5 starRiverside manor is one of the few soberlivings offering a family atmosphere.... it's a drug free environment where were excited to tell the owner and management how our lives are rather than duck out of site like in other homes. Suzan is understanding of financial situations and willing to help....this is a one of the few homes where your feel less like a resident and more like a family member in your new home


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